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About Erin’s Teaching

Inspiration you carry with you.

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Longevity and inclusiveness are the core of Erin’s teaching.

And all of her sequencing and classes reflect just that; practices and rituals you can connect with, benefits you can carry with you through the span of your life.

Erin’s personal exuberance and warmth shine through her teaching in every class. And her appetite and passion for yoga is simply infectious.

Whether she teaches you in a yoga studio, a corporate office, on a dusty trail, or in the comfort of your own home her blend of precise alignment, breath awareness, and meditation will transport you to a place of clarity, connection, and confidence.

Her unique and timeless sequences are a creative blend of dynamic -flow based-  movement intermixed with longer held postures, all taught in a way that empowers you to connect to your body, create physical harmony through deliberate alignment, soothe your nervous system, clear your mind, and find more balance in your daily life.

Known for her clearly articulated instruction, Erin centers her yoga teaching around detailed alignment and the utmost mindfulness. Put simply, she teaches you how to take good care of your body and mind by teaching you how to apply ancient contemplative philosophies with the movement, breath, and meditation practices of traditional Yoga as they are applicable in our lives and world as they are now.

Erin will inspire you, challenge you, and above all encourage you to discover the language of your own well being; a language that has the power to create more balance and wholehearted joy in your life, on and off your yoga mat.